Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky barely escape mudslide!

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Chris Hemsworth is currently working on his new film, “In the Heart of the Sea” with director Ron Howard, who also directed Rush. However, the movie’s production is being delayed due to some life threatening events. Chris and his wife Elsa were aboard a ship that wrecked ashore and after that Chris narrowly escaped a typhoon which then led to a mud slide and unfortunately claimed 5 lives.

While actors don’t have it rough as some of their job is still pretty hectic especially when faced with these conditions. In the Heart of the Sea has definitely been plagued with problems as the cast and crew were almost hit by the typhoon that caused the mudslide but they narrowly escaped, however 5 others tragically lost their lives in the unfortunate event that transpired.

However this wasn’t the only tragedy faced by the movie and its cast and crew. Hemsworth and his pregnant wife were aboard a ship that wrecked on shore, but the “Thor” movie star and his wife including all other members who were aboard the ship were rescued by the local coast guard.

Let us hope that everything else goes smoothly for the production of the movie and for Hemsworth and his wife Elsa (Fast and the Furious) from here on out. Hemsworth and his wife are now expecting their second child.

The movie, In the Heart of the Sea is set for release March 13th of 2015.

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