Chris Pratt Gets Pranked By Dinosaurs In Poland [WATCH VIDEO]

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Chris Pratt Gets Pranked By Dinosaurs In Poland [WATCH VIDEO]
Chris Pratt

“Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt surely has the skills to train a velociraptor and pit it against a huge Indominus Rex but how would he really feel if he’s a part of a prank where dinosaurs come charging at him and he’s taken by surprise. Impressed? Angry? Scared? Perhaps a pounding heart? Something like this happened with the actor and it was really hilarious to see the actor’s reaction to the prank.

According to Yahoo! Movies, Chris Pratt was recently in Poland with his team. It was said that the actor was seen walking with his team discussing something. Keep in mind the actor had no idea that a prank was awaiting him. The prank was setup by Polish YouTuber Sylwester Wardega who has a channel called SA Wardega where he is known to prank people with variety of pranks. The videos are mostly shot in Warsaw, his hometown and the reactions in his videos are truly hilarious.

Before Wardega could play the prank on the Hollywood star, he decided to do test run on the streets of Warsaw where a lot of innocent people found themselves as victims to T-Rex puppets. The sound that these puppets made were actually pretty loud and even sounded authentic. With mangled corpse found on the streets and people looking at it with utmost fear does add weightage to the prank.

When Chris walked in with his team, cameras are waiting to capture his reaction. As soon as he and one of his associate walks in through that door, the first T-Rex comes charging. The associate of course yells and Chris is taken aback with the monster surprise. He is about to sit down when the second one comes charging. His reaction to the second one is not really that surprising as he bursts out in laughter admitting the prank was good.

Chris also asked who the prankster is. After being told that it was no other than Sylwester Wardega he said that he’s familiar with his work. He shared that he has seen his dog prank that has apparently hit a massive 143 million views on YouTube. In his usual manner, the actor also jokingly asks for a Polish translation of the word “F*** you” before posing with the dinosaurs and Sylwester.

Watch the prank below:

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Photo source: Facebook/Chris Pratt

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