Is Chris Pratt Spending Too Much Time on The Internet? Anna Faris Getting Worried

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is Chris Pratt Spending Too Much Time on The Internet? Anna Faris Getting Worried
Anna Faris worried that Chris Pratt might cheat her over Jennifer Lawrence?

The glitz and glamour that comes with Hollywood may be tempting for some. However, it looks like some stars who are under the Hollywood limelight aren’t really THAT happy at all. Chris Pratt, one of the biggest actors in Hollywood right now ever since “Jurassic World” premiered is reported to be very lonely and has resorted to the Internet during the wee hours of the morning to ease his loneliness. Is there any truth to this claim at all? Read on for more details.

According to Star Magazine as reported by Enstarz, Pratt feels lonely and during the times when he does, he often goes to the Internet surfing and playing some social media games. In fact, it’s not just your usual dose of Internet daily. However, apparently, Pratt’s gone overboard and this has made his wife Anna Faris worried.

A source said that Faris thinks it’s weird seeing his husband spending time on the Internet during the wee hours of the morning. And she is afraid that her husband is not in a good mental state. There is also a report back in Aug. 2, 2015 where Pratt randomly asked his fans online to choose a Facebook profile image for him.

However, a rep for Pratt said to Gossip Cop that there is no truth to this story at all.

Pratt doesn’t stay up all night just to browse the Internet. He also tells the online media outlet that the claims of him “losing his marbles” is “completely inaccurate and false.”

Either way, there’s nothing wrong spending some time on the Internet. We all do it. And Pratt is probably not an exception for that. For sure, he does spend some time on the Internet but he’s clearly in a good mental state.

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Photo source: Facebook/Jurassic World

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