Chris Soules Gushes Over Whitney Bischoff on the Set of ‘Dancing with the Stars’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago

Chris Soules is head-over-heels in love with his fiancé, Whitney Bischoff that even when “The Bachelor” has ended, he can’t stop talking about Bischoff in his new series, “Dancing with the Stars.” Read on to learn more about this scoop. reported that Soules gave the final rose toBischoff and it looks like their romance is getting stronger. Soules is reportedly gushing over his fiancé on the set of ‘DWTS.’

“All he talks about is his fiancé Whitney during rehearsals and he talks about her all the time when they film him for the show,” a source told

Some fans worried when news broke out that Soules will be joining the cast of DWTS. According to some rumors, Soules just recently got engaged, but he’s immediately being partnered to someone else (who accidentally shares the same name as his fiancé) and it might cause his engagement to break off.

Fans need not worry about these rumors, as the outlet reports that the only thing that Soules’ fiancé and his dancing partner share is their first names.

“He jokes to his dancing partner that his fiancé has the H in her name because that means she is ‘His,’ the outlet’s source added.

As a matter of fact, Soules is reportedly moving in with Whitney Bischoff in preparation for his performances on “Dancing with the Stars.”

On Tuesday, March 10, Soules recently announced that he will be joining the list of stars who will battle their way on the dance floor on the new season of “DWTS.”

According to MailOnline, Soules recently met his dance partner, Witney Carson on Wednesday, March 11. The outlet reported that Soules arrived at the studio and immediately welcomed his blonde partner with a hug.

Soules and Carson looked really cute as he pulled her into a hug and even lifted her off the ground. The duo already looked cozy and comfortable with each other, making more fans excited to see them show off their dancing skills.

Carson obviously can’t hide her excitement on working with the former bachelor. She even praised Soules for working hard during their rehearsals, tweeting: “Guys @C_Soules is killing it in rehearsals… Working so hard. #dedication #shake&bake #TeamSouleShakers.”

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Danelia.ekaterine


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