Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff Star In Reality Show After ‘Dancing With The Stars’

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff Star In Reality Show After ‘Dancing With The Stars’
Whitney Bischoff and Chris Soules

Chris Soules wants to have a reality show with fiancé Whitney Bischoff! “The Bachelor” stars are planning to spend their married life in Arlington, Iowa and they want all their fans to see how its like living in a farm.

According to Life and Style magazine, the newly engaged couple can’t get enough of reality series that they wanted to join another one. Chris might be busy with “Dancing with the Stars” but that didn’t stop him from pitching himself as the star of another reality show.

A source from the website revealed that Chris can’t seem to get enough of the limelight. He feels that a reality show with his fiancé Whitney will be a sure way to cement his popularity in Hollywood. But isn’t he famous already?

Apparently Chris thought that fans of “The Bachelor” have lost interest in him already. He feels that with Whitney by his side, the public will “love him” more. And of course, this translates to more “business opportunities.”

“He loves the attention he’s gotten from being on TV, so he wants to keep this going for as long as he can,” he said.

Meanwhile, Inquistr reported that Chris is having a rough time in “Dancing with the Stars.” During Monday’s performance, Chris and partner Witney Carson struggled a bit during rehearsals and their final performance could have been better. Because of this, they ended up at the bottom of the leaderboard. But Chris says they will both be working “extra hard” to impress both the judges in the viewers.

Like a supportive fiancé, Whitney was in the audience to cheer Chris on. “The Bachelor” said that his future wife sent her a text after the show saying, “F the judges, you did a great job!”

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Photo Source: Facebook/Whitney Bischoff

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