Chris Zylka and Hanna Beth Break off their Engagement via Social Media

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Chris Zylka and Hanna Beth Break off their Engagement via Social Media
Actor Chris Zylka at “The Ripple Effect” Red Carpet Event for the Water Project in 2011

There’s nothing more heart-breaking than to end a good relationship, regardless of whatever reason. But Chris Zylka decided to top the notch of his breaking things off with his fiancée by taking to Instagram and Twitter to speak out his mind.

On Wednesday night, March 11, Chris Zylka started things off by posting on Instagram of how disappointed he was to not see the real person behind his fiancée Hanna Beth and being a victim of her backstabbing. Later, he took to Twitter to post a series of tweets, saying that Beth has an alleged affair with a guy in  London.

Rather expectedly, Beth also tweeted her response, even saying “There is always tomorrow…” She went on to say that being angry doesn’t get people anywhere in life and that making up lies will not make a person feel any better. She also told Zylka to just keep on bashing her over the Internet while she’s off to hang out with Alyssa Chapman (@AlyssaChapWoman).

Aside from this, Zylka shared a message from ‘Nik’ through Instagram. Nik’s message said that Beth and her alleged man have been dating behind Zylka’s back for around two months, and that it’s likely not going to last long. Nik added that Beth has been getting into relationships with other guys and breaking up with them after sometime, but not after she puts on a new tattoo to commemorate the said relationship.

In response to this, Beth shared a quote from Laurence J. Peter, saying “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” She then placed in a caption that the truth will be revealed in time and that she is just planning to move on her life without him.

Zylka and Beth were engaged on April 2014. Beth announced their engagement on Twitter. But now, after their breakup, both celebrities deleted their tweets and stopped following each other’s social media accounts on Thursday, March 12.

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