Chriss Angel’s Baby Boy Diagnosed With Cancer; Magician Overwhelmed By Fans’ Support In Crisis

By SURABHI VERMA | 2 years ago
Chriss Angel’s Baby Boy Diagnosed With Cancer; Magician Overwhelmed By Fans’ Support In Crisis

There is a bad news for Chriss Angel fans as the world famous illusionist’s 2-year-old son has been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia; a cancer of white blood cells.

Chriss, whose real name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, recently disappeared from his show in Las Vegas and this has happened for the first time in past 7 years. The magician has flied to Australia in order to be with his son and family in the time of crisis. It has been reported that all shows till November 1 have been cancelled, which has led his fans in tears.

The star magician tweeted on Friday, “In light of a family emergency the news I was going to announce this weekend will be postponed. Thank you.” This news left his fans shocked as earlier no confirmation about his being a father was there.

Chriss Angel was earlier in a relationship with Holly Madison. After this relationship which continued from 2008 to 2009, Angel became engaged to Sandra Gonzalez in 2011, who is Johnny’s mother. Angel has recently posted his latest picture on social networking sites Instagram and Twitter, while holding his baby boy. He stated, “4th day chemo treatment – Johnny & I can’t thank u enough for the overwhelming outpouring of love, prayers & support. #amazing #curecancer”


One of his colleagues has commented, “For many years, Criss has championed and raised money for various children’s charities here in Las Vegas, but he never thought it would hit this close to home. This is a very personal family crisis.” It has also been reported that the Angel might spend the next few weeks there, as more details are being discussed about Jhonny.

Notably, Chriss Angel and Jhonny’s mother were reported to be together but split this summer, mainly, due to their long distance relationship.

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