Christian Bale provides insights on his role in American Hustle

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Christian Bale for his Movie American Hustle had to tweak up his physique. Knowing Bale, most of us won’t be used to this physique however, we have seem Bale gain and lose a considerable amount of weight for different movies which include the very VERY famous Batman series and the Machinist.

Now we see him in a new physique with a beer gut and a comb over. This is the look of Irvin Rosenfeld a man with a balding scalp and a beer who had endless smarts and a tonne of charisma whether he’s placating his demanding wife (portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence) , bargaining with FBI agents (Who forced him to go undercover) or consoling his hot headed business partner/mistress.
During his interview Bale explained why the weight gain and comb over were necessary. He had this to say:

You know, you expect a more vain, smooth-operator kind of a bloke (from a real world con artist). And here he was with this comb over and his — you know — roundness and everything. I just saw that and I went, ‘That’s it! That is fantastic. That’s what I have to aim for.'”

Bale also explained that his weight gain was slow even though Bale himself had picked up the pace and says that he was surprised when he looked at his new physique in the mirror. He further explains that by the time he had gained all the weight it wasn’t that big of a deal for him and that he was fine with it because he had been expecting it for months.

American Hustle has already hit our cinemas. It launched on December 12th 2013 be sure to check it out, we bet that it will be a great watch.

Source: CinemaBlend

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