‘Christian Grey’ Takes A Stand For Scottish Architecture

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Christian Grey’ Takes A Stand For Scottish Architecture

Jamie Dorman, the 33-year-old suave actor, has extended his hands for a cause. By donning a special t-shirt, he has voiced the predicament to restore the historic castle of Scotland.

Dorman, the “Fifty Shades of Grey” star is extensively supporting the campaign that slates to reinstate the nineteenth century architecture of Scotland.

This effort from Christian Grey of the Fifty Shades Franchise, unveils another persona that is rooted to his traditions. The UK star figures out how England and Scotland share a cultural analogy that is undeniable, in any case. He considers each architectural estate to be a part of this glorified historic correspondence that both the countries have experienced.

The British actor utters if the century old “Castle Toward” witnesses its closure then it would be a slaughter to the artistic community of the United Kingdom. So inevitably, he has put his weight behind the plight to preserve the nineteenth century Scottish house that remains inspiring to the countless of present generation.

This much discussed estate upholds a socio cultural history, which tells us that the property was ascended from Firth of Clyde to the Isles of Bute and Arran. But unfortunately it may foresee a tragic catastrophe as there lies a threat to be sold off privately.

The campaign is all set to prevent the auction as this Scottish Castle was an epitome of music, art, history and education. The campaign instigates Argyll & Bute Council to shape up the restoration of the country house. The controversial Christian Grey has partnered with the campaign to boost the effort, which is solely working to protect the castle, the flourishing hub for youth arts and sport that it once was.

Following this event, Dorman has amazed his fans with another stunt. The actor who is a passionate golfer as well, exposes his skillful swing at the golf course in the Arthur Dunhill Links Championship at Carnoustie.

Photo Source: Facebook/Jamie Dorman


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