Christian Slater is ‘Mr. Robot’

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Christian Slater is ‘Mr. Robot’
Christian Slater leaving the premiere of Nymphomaniac (I) at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival on February 9, 2014.

USA Network’s production of “Mr. Robot” has found its face. The show has picked Christian Slater to star in the title role. Read on for the details.

According to The Wrap, Christian Slater will star in the hacker series as the leader of the anarchist group that recruits Elliot (played by Rami Malek), the young computer expert, to become part of its underground operations. He is known solely by the name of Mr. Robot and his  group plans on sabotaging corporate America. The series will explore the mysteries surrounding his identity and the group's motives.

Slater’s last TV show, “Mind Games” from ABC, was cancelled last March 2014 after a brief run on the network. He also starred on many other short-lived series on television such as “Breaking In” on FOX in 2011, “My Own Worst Enemy” on NBC in 2008 and “The Forgotten” on ABC in 2009.

Earlier, Malek was cast in the series first, taking on the role as the hacker with the debilitating social disorder and just this week, the show has cast newcomer and Swedish actor Martin Wallstrom as a businessman aspiring to be a chief technology officer. The show will be Wallstrom’s debut on U.S. television. Portia Doubleday and Carly Chaikin were also added to co-star in the series.

“Mr. Robot” was first announced as in production back in August and since then the show has been completing its cast list. 

“Mr. Robot” is created by Sam Esmail, who is also on board as head writer and executive producer along with Anonymous Content. The series has hired Niels Arden Oplev as the director.

The cyber thriller is one of the four pilots that USA is working on for next year’s slate. The network also has the science fiction drama “Colony” from Carlton Cuse, “Stanistan” with Jennifer Carpenter and “Queen of the South,” which is an adaptation of “La Raina Del Sur.”

This has been another update about “Mr. Robot,” which has just cast its titular character with Christian Slater. For more about this cyber drama, we will continue to bring you the news only here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Christian Slater/Seibbi

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