Christie To Give Keynote Address to Delgates

By admin | 6 years ago

Over the weekend, Mitt Romney the Republican presidential candidate chose as his running mate Paul Ryan. Now he is making sure others that were on his short list of VP running mate hopefuls have major roles at the upcoming Republican National Convention.

Chris Christie the New Jersey Governor and Marco Rubio the Senator from Florida, two of the top choices that had been rumored for the VP job, will take on prominent speaking roles during the convention. Governor Christie will be giving the keynote address at the convention, while Senator Rubio will get the opportunity to introduce Romney on the last night of the convention.

Republicans announced formally on Tuesday that Christie, who at one time considered running for the presidency before officially endorsing Romney, would give the keynote speech later this month at the convention in Tampa. Rubio will make remarks of his own before introducing Romney on Thursday night at the RNC.

Christie has started his speech writing for his keynote address that will take place on Tuesday night August 28. His speech should help fire up the Convention attendees. Christie is noted for his record of slashing the budget in his state, curtailing unions in the public sector and handling a Democratic-led legislature with combative and disarming confidence.

Christie said he would tell hard and direct truths to the American people about the problems the country has and that correcting what is wrong will not be any easy task for anyone involved, including the American public.

The keynote address is the highest profile spot for a person not accepting the presidential or vice presidential nomination. That particular spot has successfully launched political careers for many, most notably an Illinois state senator who was little known at the time named Barack Obama back in 2004. He won the presidential election just four short years following his address.

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