Christina Applegate ‘Ditched’ Brad Pitt At The 1989 MTV Award Show, But Refuses To Reveal The Another Guy

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Christina Applegate ‘Ditched’ Brad Pitt At The 1989 MTV Award Show, But Refuses To Reveal The Another Guy

Christina Applegate showed up on “Watch What Happens Live!” on Sunday to promote her upcoming movie ‘Vacation’, but maybe in her wild dreams she did never expect to be questioned about her infamous Hollywood fling, which happened ages ago. Read on for more details.

According to Mail Online, he 43-year-old movie star along with fellow guest Mark Consuelos stopped to chat with the late night show host Andy Cohen, where she played the fan favorite game “Plead the Fifth.”

It’s been long known that way back in 1989 when then 18-year-old Applegate went to the MTV Movie Awards with Brad Pitt. However, he allegedly ditched him for another man in the middle of their date. The Bravo show’s host Cohen took his chance to get to the bottom of the 26-year-old mystery.

He went on to ask Applegate who was the other guy for whom she ditched the once universal standard for male beauty – Brad Pitt.

‘How many fifths do I get? I have to say it?’ Christina said after pleading the fifth on the previous question.

‘I don’t have to do nothing,’ she concluded as she got away with not giving an answer.

However, the ‘Married With Children’ star did answer four sub-questions which give us the glimpse of the man’s identity for whom she left Pitt. She revealed that the man wasn’t an actor. They never ended up dating, but the mystery man was well-known to the public. Applegate also said Pitt and she never went on another date though see did see him again.

With the direct refusal to answer the question, clearly reflects that Cristina Applegate wasn’t a prisoner on Andy Cohen’s show. It appears that she broke herself out of a myth by simply remembering her own ability of free will.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Christina Applegate

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