Christopher Nolan Directs WW2 Film ‘Dunkirk’ Starring Tom Hardy

By JB Lazarte | 2 years ago
Christopher Nolan Directs WW2 Film ‘Dunkirk’ Starring Tom Hardy

Christopher Nolan’s next project has been finally revealed to be the World War 2 biopic “Dunkirk,” said to be starring Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh. “Dunkirk” is about the heroic and epic evacuation and rescue mission of the named French city during the last world war.


There had been so much speculation about Nolan’s next project after “Interstellar,” usually revolving around the possible making of a sequel to the said movie. He was also rumored to be directing next an installment for the “Akira” trilogy, the famous Japanese science fiction animation. The single detail that fans gobbled up was the date of the speculated film’s release, July 2017.

As it turned out, however, Nolan has chosen to depart from his usual mind-bending stories to direct a film that could very well top the box office charts. For those who don’t know, the evacuation of Dunkirk took place at the beginning of the war, involving the rescue of about 300,000 British, Belgian and French troops. The city had been surrounded by heavily armed German troops, and not mounting the said rescue mission could simply mean the death of those trapped in it.

As you can imagine, “Dunkirk” is going to be a film of epic proportions. Expect drama that will sweep you off your feet, as well as action and suspense at every turn. Christopher Nolan has been known to elevate even well-known franchises (Batman to the Dark Knight) to his own exacting standards, and this upcoming film can be expected to sit right there among hi other major cinematic accomplishments.

With the screenplay written by Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan, the film’ cast is rumored to be comprised of mostly unknown actors. “Dunkirk” is scheduled to start filming in May 2016 in France, and will be shot in the same exact locations where the historical events actually took place.


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons: Christopher Nolan

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