Chuck Trailer: Four Things To Note In New Sports Film

By Disha Mashelkar | 1 year ago
Chuck Trailer: Four Things To Note In New Sports Film

One of the most anticipated sports films, Chuck, is set to open in theaters next month. Recently, IFC Films released the first trailer for the film. Directed by Philippe Falardeau, Chuck follows the life of boxer Chuck Wepner, who has been the inspiration for the Rocky film franchise.

 Chuck stars Naomi Watts as Linda, Wepner’s third wife, Elisabeth Moss as Phyllis, Wepner’s second wife, Ron Perlman, Jim Gaffigan, Michael Rapaport. Pooch Hall plays Muhammad Ali and Morgan Spector will play Sylvester Stallone. Spotlight actor Liev Schreiber plays the protagonist Chuck. Although he became a popular boxing star over the period, his real fights in life were against drugs, booze, and more, reports Slash film.

This upcoming sports film has left fans buzzing about what to expect in the film. Here are four things to note before fans book their tickets:

1. Who is Chuck Wepner?

Chuck is a biopic based on popular boxer Chuck Wepner. He has been the inspiration behind the famous Rocky film franchise starring Sylvester Stallone. Wepner was a liquor salesman from New Jersey.

Once, Wepner was the Heavyweight Champion of New Jersey. He rose to fame after he went 15 rounds with the world’s reputed and greatest boxer, Muhammad Ali, in 1975, as per the aforementioned force. In the film, Liev Schreiber plays the lead role.

The film will follow his story to fame and also his struggles to stay relevant in the aftermath, reports Entertainment Weekly.


2. Connection Of Wepner To Rocky Film Series

Rocky Balboa is the main protagonist in the Rocky film franchise that was inspired by the life of Wepner.  Sylvester Stallone, who is slated to play a role in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, played the character Rocky.

There is a total of six sequels and all of them are sports-based films featuring Stallone in the lead. All of have been written by Stallone except for Creed. Creed II has received a tentative release date in Nov. 2017.

The production status of the film has not been revealed yet. This film might not be directed by Coogler.

 3. Chuck Trailer Has Schreiber’s Life After Fame

Fans of Schreiber have seen him in the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight. They are now excited to watch him play a boxer in the lead role.

Earlier, Schreiber had been part of sports-based films such as the 1999 film The Hurricane and Goon (2011). The former film is based on the life of a boxer while the latter is a sports-comedy film, a sequel to the film titled Goon: Last for the Enforcers which was released last month.

The trailer depicts how Chuck was a talented boxer. The voice over says, “I was once a heavyweight champion.” More than boxing, the trailer highlights the controversy with Stallone’s Rocky and Wepner’s life. At this moment, the voiceover says, “Sometimes, the life is like a movie. And sometimes it is better” as Chuck strolls on the street with his lover.

4. Chuck Reviews

Chuck had been first screened last year at the Venice Film Festival, during the world premiere of Chuck. There it had received good reviews, as per media reports. Later, it also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Now, IFC Films and Showtime Networks acquired the rights for the distribution of the film. So far, the UK release update has not been revealed yet, but fans in the US will get to watch the film on May 5, 2017, the same day Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 releases. Therefore, the film is likely to face competition, but fans of Ray Donovan star aka Schreiber might not want to skip this film.

Watch the trailer here.

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