Chucky’s Back: ‘Child’s Play’ Remake on the Way, Says MGM

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Chucky’s Back: ‘Child’s Play’ Remake on the Way, Says MGM


Financially troubled studio MGM will get to work on a remake of the classic 1988 horror flick, Child’s Play, according to MovieWeb. While news of a Child’s Play redo has been going on for years, it looks as though there is finally traction on the fabled production.

Child's Play reboot comingThe untitled project will be directed by Don Mancini, who penned many of the sequels including Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. Mancini has also reportedly had the screenplay written for some time.

Brad Dourif will return to voice the possessed doll.

Filming of the Child’s Play reboot will kick off sometime this year with a release this December.

If you’re a child of the ’80s, you must remember getting scared out of your wits by Child’s Play. It wasn’t so much that film was scary, it was that a lot of us kids had a My Buddy doll and the thought of it coming alive and slitting our throats was a lot to deal with. (Mom, Dad…why did you let me watch it?) It’s sad, really, because we had My Buddy dolls because friends stopped coming over thanks to that ordeal with the Barbie head and Vaseline.

When the original Child’s Play opened in 1988, MGM faced a backlash from parents worried that the violence in the film would incite kids to murder each other. In a couple court cases, murders actually used the “I saw it in Child’s Play defense.”

It didn’t work.

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