Cinderella and Four Knights Season 2 and a Possible Spinoff Coming Soon?

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Cinderella and Four Knights Season 2 and a Possible Spinoff Coming Soon?

Cinderella and Four Knights starring Jung Il Woo, Park So Dam, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Lee Jung Shin and Son Na Eun received good ratings from beginning to end. Many fans love the star-studded Korean drama for its fairy-tale-based story.

After its successful finale on Oct. 1, there have been rumors going around that Cinderella and Four Knights will have Season 2 to continue the love stories of the characters. Kang Ji Woon and Eun Ha Won might get married in the rumored second season. According to reports, they will continue the failed romance of the former’s parents. More about the story of Kang Hyun Min and Park Hye Ji might also be shown.

The grandfather of the Kang cousins decided to be reconciled with his gold digger wife, Ji Hwa Ja, in the finale episode of Cinderella and Four Knights. He thought that she will no longer lust for his wealth. In the continuation of the story, she might finish her goal. She planned on getting all of his money and hand it to her son. Her child happened to be the chairman’s trusted secretary.

It could also be that another character will be added to stir the relationship of Kang Ji Woon and Eun Ha Won in Cinderella and the Four Knights Season 2. Another lady might try to catch the attention of the former, who would leave the latter broken-hearted.

There is also another speculation stating that a spinoff might be released soon, as per HNGN. The story could focus on the characters of Ahn Jae Hyeon and Son Na Eun, whose love story started bad. They only got the chance to be together in the latter part of Cinderella and Four Knights. More about Kang Hyun Min’s playboy character and Park Hye Ji’s brokenness after losing his brother might be shown.

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