Cinderella Movie Review: Cinderella has a Refreshing Spin, Say Critics [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Cinderella Movie Review: Cinderella has a Refreshing Spin, Say Critics [WATCH VIDEO]

Disney’s live-action production of “Cinderella” is opening at 3,845 theaters this Friday in the United States and it is expected to be a box-office hit. The film, which is directed by Kenneth Branagh stars Lily James (Ella), Richard Madden (Prince Charming), Cate Blanchette (Lady Tremaine, stepmother), Holliday Grainger (Anastasia), Sophie McShera (Drizella) and Helena Bonham Carter (The Fairy Godmother). We’ve rounded up the reviews from critics and here’s what they have to say. Read on.

Vanity Fair’s critic describes the movie as “familiar but perfectly fanciful,” commending the director for his vision and structure. The script, however, can be too much for those who don’t enjoy “saccharine-ish movies” just like the critic. But he admits the movie won him over.

Deadline’s review commends the film’s “terrific director” and “great cast” for giving an old tale, told hundreds of times over, a refreshing spin. Disney’s investment for this movie is well-worth it and fans of the Cinderella story will, no doubt, love the film.

“Branagh has delivered a construction project so solid, so naïve, and so rigorously stripped of irony that it borders on the heroic,” says the critic from the New Yorker. He describes the production design as lush and predicts the costume team of the movie should bag an Academy award for their work.

USMagazine’s review gives “Cindrella” 3 out of 4 stars. It adheres to the adaptation pretty much directly, unlike “Maleficent” which went with a twist. It’s a delightful movie that people of all ages will come to enjoy. The only thing the reviewer misses is the lack of songs or production number in the movie.

The New York Observer’s critic believes that “Cindrella” is the best version among all the “Cinderella” movies. However, he isn’t pleased with the performances of James and Madden. It’s Blanchette who’s most captivating.

Variety’s critic bases its review on the film’s release last Feb. 2015 at the Berlin Film Festival. He calls the visual experience exquisite, with Blanchette as the film’s most magnanimous performer. Like a previous review, this movie seemed incomplete without a musical number. Regardless, the critic is still impressed with the movie.

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