‘Clash of Clans’ ClashCon Assembly Will Unveil New Updates And Features For The Gaming App

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘Clash of Clans’ ClashCon Assembly Will Unveil New Updates And Features For The Gaming App

New updates for “Clash of Clans” will be made available soon to the public in the upcoming “ClashCon” convention. Read on for more details.

The latest features will include a Level 11 Town Hall upgrade and Level 8 Barbarians as reported by Master Herald. This will be just one of the highlights for the unveiling of the primary opening of “ClashCon,” Supercell’s first formal meeting of “Clash of Clans” enthusiasts.

Other possible add-ons to the popular freemium mobile MMO (massively multiplayer online game) strategy video game before the month of October ends are: a new single map presenting new quests and achievements and a third hero which will be added after the King and Queen.

Game developer Supercell will hold its first “ClashCon” at its home turf and base of operations which is at Helsinki, Finland. The main goal of the convention is not just bring together “CoC” players from all over the world but present them with fresh updates and features.

It was not a surprise that Oct. 224, 2015, was chosen as the date for the first assembly of “CoC” enthusiasts; the date denotes the third anniversary of “Clash of Clans” in its inception.

September last month was also an eventful month for the mobile game as reported by Yibada. Rabid users of the gaming app have been granted revisions in the usage for Lightning spells which have been made more effective at levels 5 -6. The Town Hall 10 has now also an update on its Lightning spell to Level 7.

Other spell updates included Freeze Spells, Poison and Earthquake. In relation to this update, a new aspect called tiebreaker has been implemented to manage the scores when they come to a draw. “CoC” will sum up all the damage received from an attack and in the end the team with the highest total damage percentage will take the win.

“Clash of Clans” also gave their official forum an overhaul last month.

Photo Source: Facebook/Clash of Clans

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