‘Clash Of Clans’ December Update: Town Hall Level 11 Wider; A New Hero

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘Clash Of Clans’ December Update: Town Hall Level 11 Wider; A New Hero

“Clash of Clans” update this coming December is said to bring in more surprises aside from  Town Hall  Level 11 and  enigmatic Third Hero.  The game developer is more focused now in keeping the game more interesting and to create certain balance between regular gameplay and advanced.

Supercell  has pointed out during ClashCon last October 24, that more time will be needed before actual introduction of updates. This has prompted upgrade delay from November to December 2015. According “Clash of Clans”  creators, they are trying to achieve a more balanced gameplay for the gamers by pushing improvements   to the current game settings. They added that their main concern for this update is   to bring in more fun and better experience for the gaming fans, Master Herald reported, Yibada reported.

Supercell have been closely following the gamers’ feedback in the game forum that enabled them to gather interesting inputs and ideas from the community.  This has greatly contributed the incoming update that involves wider landscape which will surely improve the gameplay experience.


There is a rumored feature upgrades- possibly a new hero, possibly a Mage or the Master Wizard together with other improvements.  As Master Herald have stated, this update are intended for every gamers of all ages and backgrounds, Latinos Post reported.

With the highly expected update of “Clash of Clans”, this will surely bring in more challenges and fun for a better gaming experience for every players.  And a sneak peak will unveil starting Nov. 23 to see what is really like to happen comes Dec.7.  Wider landscape,  a new Town Hall,  a new hero, possibly a Mage/ Master Wizard, better defense  tower and any other surprises, what more can we wish for? “Clash of Clans” fanatics are in for a better Christmas.

Photo Source: Facebook/Clash of Clans

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