Clash of Clans Halloween Update: NEW Leak Unravels Pumpkins & Spooky Decors, Red Event Items [Photos]

By JEV | 1 year ago
Clash of Clans Halloween Update: NEW Leak Unravels Pumpkins & Spooky Decors, Red Event Items [Photos]
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It looks like fans of Clash of Clans will get a slew of trick and treat delights this Halloween. A new leak has emerged online, suggesting a plethora of in-game items coming to the popular mobile hit strategy. These Halloween contents will customize the players’ villages just in time for the annual celebrated event this year.

If this new leak courtesy via Reddit is of any indication, Clash of Clans hardcore fans will see addition of Halloween pumpkins and other spooky decorations. These exciting holiday-themed contents will dress up their villages to shine for the occasion. If a player wishes to add that trick or treat feel in the game, they must start to come up with a new layout to accommodate those items.

Redditor named Chief spAnser also mentioned of a Red Event of Supercell where the developer will unleash several new contents in the game. These addition include a Barbarian King Statue, costing 500 Gold, a Red Archer Queen and a Red Barbarian King. The images shared appear below show the 5 hog rider, air defense level 9 and air sweeper level 7, too.


But there is more. The leak further suggests that players will likely see repairable ships in the game. As revealed in the photos, the shipwreck needs to be repaired to accumulate Gold. The images show the wrecked ship and the fully built ship which now depicts the repaired vessel.

This latest reveal might sound quite intriguing for fans as it will serve first in the game to see ships. One can notice that the ship’s flags do not resemble that of a battle ship. It sounds plausible that Supercell could be brewing a Boom Beach crossover.

Other than that, not much details are available and Supercell has yet to confirm this Clash of Clans Halloween Update leak. Thus, just like any leak, gamers must take these with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned.

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Photo Source: Clash of Clans Official Blog

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