Clemson Receiver Arrested Following Traffic Stop

By admin | 7 years ago

Sammy Watkins, the All-American receiver from Clemson University, was arrested early Friday morning and subsequently charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. Both of his charges are misdemeanors. University police stopped the 18-year old receiver after the Cadillac he was operating ran into a curb on the Clemson campus. The license plate light was also not functioning on the vehicle, said police.

The report said the police were able to detect an odor they considered marijuana. They asked Watkins and a passenger to get out of the Cadillac. The police searched both occupants of the vehicle and found baggies on both that contained marijuana. Watkins was also in possession of Vyanse and Adderall, which are used for ADD. He admitted he did not have prescriptions for them.

Mike McMiller, Watkins’ stepfather did not return any messages that were left seeking a comments. The former high school coach of Watkins said Watkins never had any discipline problems while in high school.

Watkins, in a prepared statement through the university said, “I made a huge mistake and am sorry. I let my team, the coaches and university down. I will accept whatever discipline the university issue.”

Last season, Watkins was on the receiving end of 82 passes for over 1,219 yards along with 12 touchdowns. He established new school records in receiving yards as well as receiving touchdowns. He was just recently added to a list of 18 players to watch next season for the Heisman Trophy. Analyst said he would have been in the top 10 of the draft, if he had declared this year.

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