Cleveland Cavaliers To Face Atlanta Hawks On Oct. 7, Will J R Smith Accept One-Year Contract Of The Cavs? Sasha Kaun’s Deal With The Cavs

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Cleveland Cavaliers To Face Atlanta Hawks On Oct. 7, Will J R Smith Accept One-Year Contract Of The Cavs? Sasha Kaun’s Deal With The Cavs
Cleveland Cavaliers

Ohio-based Cleveland Cavaliers aka Cavs is all set to return to Cintas Center in Cincinnati for another National Basketball Association (NBA’s) preseason game on the starting of October this year. Read below if you are a strict follower of basketball updates.

The Cavs will face the Atlanta Hawks at 7 p.m. on Oct. 7, 2015, on the Xavier University campus. The news was announced by the Hawks that released a preseason schedule on Monday afternoon. According to, the Cavs would be announcing their entire preseason schedule at the end of the week. It is said to have information about the tickets for the upcoming game at Xavier.

A rumor is in the air that the Cavs has offered a new contract to J R Smith. As confirmed by Sports World Report, the Cavs is eager to keep Smith but the deal is yet to be fixed by both the parties. It is said that the Cavs has offered Smith a contract of one year for $6.4 million. However, he turned it down to pursue a multi-year contract.

Veteran Russian center Sasha Kaun, who last played for CSKA Moscow of the VTB United League, was in Cleveland on Monday. A report published by Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Chris Haynes stated that the 30-year old Kaun embarked on a mini-tour of Cleveland and he could sign with the Cavs very soon. It seems that the Cavs may be contemplating to add a fourth big man to their rotation.

Kaun is reported to leave the town on Tuesday and a deal would not be finalized before his exit, confirmed Haynes. According to an insider, who is directly linked with the negotiation, “it’s only a matter of time” before a deal is struck. But the Cavs is mainly focusing on locking up a longtime agreement with restricted free agent Tristan Thompson.

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