Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Kyrie Irving Will Be Missing The Season Opener

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Kyrie Irving Will Be Missing The Season Opener
Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers may not have Kyrie Irving’s point guard tactics on the court at the beginning of the next season. Sports Enthusiasts will recall that Irving had fractured his knee in the Finals against the Golden State Warriors last season. It is therefore inferred that Irving will not be present for the season opener games. But Cleveland has always been able to pull itself up after a bad start, so this shouldn’t phase the enthusiasm of the team or the enthusiasm of the fans backing the team. Read on.

Readers will remember that only last season, the team kind of made up for a bad start during the latter half of the series. They were in deep funk for the first half of the season and didn’t look like the team that could make it to the finals. However, they traded and pulled some really good moves to stay in the game all through, and eventually got into the finals. They proved to be a “never give up” team and this can obviously be repeated in the next season. The real problem is that the team got its victory with the help of James and Irving on the offensive on the court. With Irving gone next season, they might have to find another way to stay in the game.

Still ESPN Stats say that Mo Williams and Matthew Dellavedova can make up for his loss. And they still have LeBron James to go for the offensive on the power forward position.

Sports World reports that the Cavaliers have signed on Kevin Love, James Jones, Iman Shumpert, Matthew Dellavedova and JR Smith already. The team has also pulled in Mo Williams, Richard Jefferson, and Sasha Kaun to play for them. There are rumors that Quinn Cook could also be looked at by them in camp. Now that Tristan Thompson is expected to be back on the roster, the team might just pull it off without Kyrie Irving.

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