Clint Eastwood Inspires Americans courtesy Super Bowl ad

By admin | 7 years ago

Clint Eastwood Inspires Americans courtesy Super Bowl ad

The huge surprise in store for people around the country was in the form of Clint Eastwood giving a heartfelt talk to awaken the spirits of the American citizens. Words that have become immortalized through what is called the “It’s halftime in America” talk have taken everyone by storm during the break between the New England Patriots and New York Giants spectacular game.

Clint Eastwood called for the reinforcement of the auto industry in the country as it has the capability of being the symbol of uprising of the country and its fortunes once again. Touted as a half time speech for the entire country, people were made to stand to attention with solid words coming straight from the veteran’s mouth. The ad that was in favor of the city of Detroit found able supporters in the likes of David Axelrod, a top strategy maker for the Obama administration. Obama has on various occasions talked about the importance of establishing the motor companies in the country to strengthen the state of the automobile industry in the country.

Obama has often talked about championing the cause of the auto sector which is the same the message clearly promoted by Clint Eastwood during the Super Bowl half time ad viewed by millions of viewers. But, Obama has hardly given the necessary credit to the workers working hard in these companies, a move that could eventually backfire in the long run. Romney has a definite issue with the rising of Detroit in as the capital of auto industries in the world as he has mainly accused the Obama administration of not understanding the economy.

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