Clint Eastwood Mocks Caitlyn Jenner at Spike TV Award

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Clint Eastwood Mocks Caitlyn Jenner at Spike TV Award

One of the biggest Hollywood star, Clint Eastwood mocked Caitlyn Jenner over her transgender status during Guys Choice Awards and according to Hollywood Life, the scene will be removed before it will telecast on television.

The 85-year-old American actor made an inappropriate joke during the Spike TV event on Saturday. Clint Eastwood compared “San Andreas” actor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to a Jim Brown and Caitlyn athlete who have gone on to establish career in acting.

Clint Eastwood’s comment on Caitlyn Jenner failed to raise laugh from the audience, instead they all winced and according to the website, Clint told the producers that the joke (read remark) he made would not work.

Spike TV Senior Vice President of Communications, David Schwartz told the USA Today that the comment made my Clint Eastwood will be removed from the final edited version of the show that will broadcast on June 18.

Last Monday, the 65-year-old, Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to the world on the cover of Vanity and ever since then several celebrities have been commenting in her favor. But few celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Drake Bell have insulted Caitlyn Jenner on Instagram and on Twitter. However, the Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell apologized later.

If Ellen DeGeneres had made the joke, it probably would have passed. And gotten laughs. Caitlyn’s been all over the news, people would have understood. But coming from Clint Eastwood, the ribbing comes off as being mean. We suspect Clint has no ill feelings towards Jenner. We know that Clint Eastwood is a legend and people need thicker skin. We are sure that Caitlyn will laugh at herself for choosing some poor movies in the past.

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