Clinton Enthralls Listeners at National Convention

By admin | 6 years ago

Usually, when the President of the United States arrives early at his party’s national convention it is to give his wife a kiss. However, President Barack Obama arrived a day early but it was to give a hug to former President Bill Clinton. The campaign for the re-election of President Obama succeeded in getting the clear picture of continuity from the newspapers on Thursday morning.

With last night’s speech, Clinton now has over five hours of speeches at different Democratic National Conventions. All those in attendance on Wednesday night were enthralled with Clinton’s speech. For the last ten minutes of his speech, everyone in the convention center stood to listen.

Then President Obama arrived and received a bow from Clinton, when in reality Obama should have been bowing to Clinton. That, some believe is the least Obama could have done for Obama, because of all Clinton did for him through his speech.

The speech last night by Clinton contained a number of parts. He answered the now famous question – Are you better off? He shamed the GOP for their past presidents and he attempted to tie the politics of Obama to American values, something that the President’s wife had started just the night before.

Clinton spoke of whether the people in the U.S. are better off today than four years ago. He answered it by saying Obama took over the presidency at a time the economy was amidst a free fall, slashing 750,000 jobs each month. He spoke about Obama’s Recovery Act, the auto industry bailout and the Affordable Care Act. He tied the policies of Obama for job retraining and education to the anxieties of people about how can they get employment where the only jobs remaining require more skills.

Clinton’s message did not just contain continuity; it spoke of what was to come. He said he knew all about the things Obama was going through since he had gone through the same. Clinton said his policies were successfully working with the economy growing but the public had not yet felt it. He urged patience and if the people renew the contract of the president then they would feel the changes working that he has made.

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