Clinton Replacement Might be Rice

By admin | 6 years ago

Forty-eight year old Susan Rice is considered the frontrunner to replace the resigning Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. however, is now directly in a vice between the White House and Congress. She is in a vice after helping out Clinton in September, one Sunday morning just five days after the U.S. consulate had been attacked in Benghazi, Libya. She appeared on five different talk shows that Sunday morning in just a few hours and parroted the talking points from the intelligence community that the attack had been a response to the movie that had mocked the prophet Muhammad.

Some Republican senators however, along with a few conservative commentators have accused her of misleading the U.S. public intentionally to hide assessments by the U.S. intelligence that the attack had been a terrorist attack.

Senators have crowded in front of microphones and cameras to condemn Rice, while President Obama defends her and says the critics should be after him and not her.

Rice was raised just minutes from her current political saga in Northwest Washington, D.C. Emmett Rice, her father, who appointed in 1979 to the Federal Reserve Board becoming the second African-American to receive that appointment. Lori Dickson, her mother, was a corporate executive, while a member for many years of the College Board. Her parents divorced when Rice was only 10.

Rice attended school with the city’s elite and played basketball on her school team. Her parents called people like Madeleine Albright their friend. Her mother served on a school board with the former Secretary of State and Albright’s former husband often played tennis with Emmett Rice.

Albright was helpful in Rice becoming the assistant secretary of state for African Affairs at the age of 32. Often times, people believed Rice was Albright’s godchild, but Albright has said that was not true.

Time will tell if she becomes the next U.S. Secretary of State, as she certainly has the right credentials.


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