A Closer Look on Lisa Vanderpump’s Pet Paradise

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
A Closer Look on Lisa Vanderpump’s Pet Paradise

The “Vanderpump Rules” boss and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (RHOBH) star Lisa Vanderpump is not only known for her grace and elegance. Vanderpump is a certified animal lover because of her pets with a different variety. She is famous for walking the red carpet with her five-year-old Pomeranian pup, Giggy, most of the time. Read on to take a look of her beloved and unlikely pets.

The Bravo star recently decided to release her own collars and leashes business, which could be purchased on VanderpumpPets.com. This must be stemmed from her love of shopping clothes and accessories for Giggy, as seen on television. Because of her latest venture, New York Post provided an interesting list of Vanderpump’s pets. Aside from Giggy, Vanderpump keeps a lot of koi, six turtles, eight swans and six dogs at her estate in Beverly Hills.

Observed as Vanderpump’s favorite, Giggy wears cute clothes all the time because of its alopecia or severe hair loss condition. Like humans, Vanderpump’s Pomeranian has a complete name and a nickname. Turns out, Giggy is short for Gigolo, which means “a young man made for love and affection, often by an older woman.” Vanderpump found the word perfect as her favorite pup’s name. Talking about creative and humorous.

Now, who is Giggy’s father? Daddio is Giggy’s nine-year-old “biological” father (since Ken Todd is also Giggy’s daddy). Other dogs in Vanderpump’s life are Avery and Rumpy, the golden retrievers. An episode on “RHOBH” showed Vanderpump greeting Rumpy from training camp and keeping the pup’s girlfriend named Avery or Pumpy because the trainer said the two canines were in love.

The last three dogs of Vanderpump are Pikachu, Lollipop, and Pink Dog. Vanderpump did not mention if she is an anime or Pokemon lover but described the 11-year-old Pikachu as a loner. The old Pomeranian was described by its mommy as a sucker for blankets. On the other hand, the Maltese named Lollipop is the family’s 11-year-old barker. As for the three-year-old pink dog, food coloring is used every month in its bath to maintain the cute color.

“I think she knows she’s pink and she’s special,” Vanderpump explained.

Vanderpump’s estate looked more beautiful because of her lovely yet violent swans. Her co-star Eileen Davidson visited the estate on an “RHOBH” episode and received pecks from the swans. Vanderpump proudly said that two of the swans are very close to her. Hanky and Panky love to chase and peck everybody, except Vanderpump whom they love to cuddle with.

When it comes to her koi and turtles, Vanderpump admitted not having any emotional attachment to them. She did not name them because it is “hard to differentiate which one’s which.”

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Photo Source: Lisa Vanderpump (Facebook, Official Page)

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