A Closer Look At Thor: Ragnarok And Its Goofy Antics

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
A Closer Look At Thor: Ragnarok And Its Goofy Antics
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Most people agree that worldwide destruction is not something to joke about. Unfortunately, Thor: Ragnarok didn’t seem to get the memo. With Hela wreaking havoc in Asgard, it seems that its prince is having a grand old time, at least that’s what the trailer led us to believe.

Memes. Harmless internet humor that can be harnessed for the greater good or get Donald Trump to the White House. From simple one-liners to characters like Pepe the Frog, memes have come from simple images shared just for the LOLs to something that can literally bring an end to the world as we know it.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok Movie Offers A Bit Of Humor

So it should be fitting that a movie trailer about an apocalyptic battle opens with a meme. Dangling over a flaming pit struggling against the shackles that bound him, his voice over is cryptic and would send chills down your spine – if not for its content.

“Now I know what you’re thinking: How did this happen? Well, it’s kind of a long story.”

If that line isn’t familiar then Twitter isn’t that popular. According to Screen Rant, this freeze-frame joke has infected the Twitter feeds of countless individuals. This time, however, it sets the tone for the trailer possibly even the entirety of Thor: Ragnarok.

How so? Well, the next scene that follows demonstrates it quite nicely. Sure it was cool and very much shocking but the underlying pretext is also quite funny.

The scene shows Hela destroying Mjolnir with her bare hands. This is after Thor touted it as the symbol of his might. With the magical hammer’s destruction, Thor’s god-like status is all but gone. So much ruling Asgard right Odinsson?

The rest of the trailer was pretty much built upon this foundation of Thor’s “powerlessness” which should have been tragic if not for Led Zeppelin’s The Immigrant Song playing in the background. Seeing a pattern here?

What comes after are scenes that could be confused as a teaser for an origin story. Featuring Loki, Hela, and Heimdall doing badass moves, the scenes are as fulfilling as it is gratuitous.

Jeff Goldblum Scene In the Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Shows Film’s Comedic Appeal

And of course, there’s Jeff Goldblum in all his blue glory. Because who else can offer comic relief in a serious movie that good old Goldblum can’t? After reprising his role in Independence Day: Resurgence, the 64-year old actor plays the Grandmaster who has mastered most of civilizations’ games of skills and chance.

Thor goes from being the crown prince of Asgard to a gladiator forced to fight for the entertainment of the masses. Again, tragic if not for what follows.

As it turns out, his opponent is Hulk, also known as Bruce Banner, who was also MIA in Captain America: Civil War. Thor’s dread turns to excitement after seeing his fellow Avenger.

This scene serves as the trailer’s highlight with Thor calling out to the Grandmaster saying “We know each other! He’s a friend from work.” His excitement quickly turns to panic after he realizes Hulk is, well, Hulk ending the trailer with a perfect example of the film’s comedic appeal.

It’s probably unlikely that this will be the tone of the entire movie. However, a few sprinkle of humor here and there definitely helps according to First Coast News.

With Loki once again into the mix, everyone’s favorite MCU villain will once entertain us with his antics. Whether he will help his brother defeat Hela is still to be seen, however.

The goofy tone of Thor: Ragnarok is definitely a welcome break from the seriousness of Captain America: Civil War. All things considered, the film also serves as a great preview for Avengers: Infinity War that will feature the gang from Guardians of the Galaxy. Can one imagine a movie where Tony Stark and Starlord are on the same team? Gut busting.

Thor: Ragnarok

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