‘Cloud9’ Disbands ‘Dota 2’ Team For Poor Performance At The International 2015

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Cloud9’ Disbands ‘Dota 2’ Team For Poor Performance At The International 2015

After having a poor performance at The International 2015, “Cloud9” has officially declared its decision to disband its “Dota2” team. Read below to know more in details.

As reported by Gamespresso, the first message of split was on the stream of Rasmus Filipsen (@MiSeRyDOTA). Without going into detail about the break up, the streamer, Filipsen only said, “I can’t say anything more than that. It’s for the better, guys.”

But the news was later confirmed by a “Cloud9” member Jacky Mao (@EternaLEnVy1991) on Twitter, where he posted a link to the “Cloud9 Dota 2” poster from The International 2015 and tweeted as follows:

In memory of the old C9 roster, please note that any player on the poster may not be in C9 next DotA Year – EternalEnVy1991 on Aug. 14, 2015.

According to PC Gamer, the fate of “Cloud9” was not good as it had a rough couple of days at The International early this month, where the 0-2 record was not adequate to stay in the competition. “Cloud9” first came in competition with “CDEC Gaming” and then “Vici Gaming” in a match.

“Felt as if C9 had forgotten that they were up against some of the very best, most coordinated support players in the world,” Chris Thursten, Deputy Editor, PC Gamer said while seeing “Cloud9’s” competition with “CDEC Gaming” and “Vici Gaming.”

This break up does not imply that “Cloud9” is out of “Dota2.” Jack Etienne, the founder and owner of Cloud9, has revealed that the company would be looking to sponsor another “Dota 2” team soon for its future purpose. It seems that although the poor performance of the team at The International is the main cause of disband, no official reason has yet been cited.

“Yes, Cloud9 will remain in #Dota2.  I’ll miss our old team but I’m excited to create our new squad. TY EE, Misery, Fata, Bone, & BigDaddy! – @CLOUD9_Jack,” as tweeted by Etienne.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Cloud9

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