Co-Creators Anthony and Joe Russo Reveal Possible ‘Captain America 3’ Storylines

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Co-Creators Anthony and Joe Russo Reveal Possible ‘Captain America 3’ Storylines

With everyone waiting for the next updates for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, creators of “Captain America,” Anthony and Joe Russo, offer the plot possibilities in the upcoming 2016 sequel of the first Avenger. Read on to know more about this scoop.

Captain America: Winter Soldier” is one of the highest grossing films for this year, second under “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” Still, one does not simply joke about attaining a merely $ 800 million gross profit for a second film that highlighted Steve Roger’s (Chris Evans) life in the 21st century. On its upcoming home video release on Sept. 9, 2014, Screen Rant was able to fish out some possible plot turnabouts in the third installment of the franchise from co-creators Anthony and Joe Russo.

In “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” we were fronted with the conspiracy that Hydra has been working and building itself behind the walls of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that it was enough to create an actual gap into the division that lead to its dissolution. Prior to that, we were baffled to know (well, the viewers to say the least, not the comic book readers) that Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) is the person hiding behind the visage of The Winter Soldier and is acting under the orders of Hydra leader Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford).  “Captain America 2” basically beholds one of Marvel’s most proficient storylines. From here, what are the viewers supposed to expect? How is the third movie going to deal with the follow up of such heavy revelations with Bucky being a casualty and a prisoner of war and at the same time Steve Roger’s childhood friend?

“Here’s the thing. The think we love about Bucky is he’s a really complicated character; very tragic, complicated character. Here’s a guy, when you look at him, is he the world’s worst assassin or is he the longest serving POW in history? You could look at him as one of two things. Either he’s innocent by reason insanity or the equivalent of that, in terms of not being responsible for his actions because he was brain controlled, or he’s a monster. It’s a very complicated place. It’s a hard place to move forward from that. In relationship to Cap, it’s like is Cap ever going to be able to access the guy he used to be?” rationalized Antony Russo via Screen Rant.

Moreover, another feature by Comic Book Movie also highlighted a possible change of tone in the next Captain America film, stating that the movie will somewhat be dependent on how Cap’s character and the whole Marvel universe in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will show development on its possible premises.

“We always react and adjust to the material, and part of Marvel’s secret formula is that you keep working all the way until the time you deliver the movie for exhibition. You keep working to make it a better film,” said Anthony. He further stated that they will be taking note of the cuts in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”

In another proverbial matter, the co-creators also remarked on the possibility of other Avengers starring in “Captain America 3.” Long has it been known that Steve Rogers is a man with strong morals and great leadership, and these two qualities are best shown when he has team mates whom he could rely on to do the things he is not capable of doing.

“It’s always exciting to put Cap in a situation where he’s dealing with other characters because part of his super power is his morality, and there’s an inspirational quality to his character,” started Joe via Comic Book Movie. “So it’s nice to have characters around him that he can inspire. Leadership is also a key component of his, and you can’t lead unless you have other characters around.” Joe also noted that Cap has an expanding universe, referring to Winter Soldier, the Falcon and Agent 13.

There is certainly so much premise that the next “Captain America” movie can tackle, but we all know it can only boil down to a few that will leave us inching on the edge of our seats by the time it unfolds in the big screen on May 6, 2016.

That concludes the revelation of the possible “Captain America 3” plots by creators Anthony and Joe Russo. Stay tuned to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the latest updates in the entertainment industry.

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