Cody Walker Honours Late Brother Paul Walker

By Mradula Mahajan | 3 years ago
Cody Walker Honours Late Brother Paul Walker

Cody Walker, brother to late Paul Walker is leaving no stones unturned to promote his brother’s last film “Fast & Furious 7.” He is making every effort to be present at places where he can talk about the movie and how much it will mean to his late brother. Read on for more details.

Walker died in a tragic accident at the age of 40 when his Porsche smashed into a lamppost bursting into flames in Nov. 2013. Fast and Furious 7 was still into filming when the accident happened and he hadn’t finished all of his scenes.

According to Hello Magazine, Cody and his other sibling, Caleb, previously stepped in and acted as the star’s double for few shots. Cody was quoted saying, “I am so happy for everybody involved in this and making it really the greatest one yet. And just handling it in such a tasteful way. I actually held off on seeing it until the premiere and I wanted to see it for the first time with everyone involved. I was so pleasantly surprised and so happy with just the way it was handled.”

Cody revealed a huge mosaic plaque in Craigieburn at the United Cinemas flagship cinema on Sunday which has the late actor smiling beautifully. He also kicked off the Paul Walker Car Convoy Charity Drive, which raised money for the “Reach Out WorldWide” charity founded by Paul for disaster relief. Cody himself had started to volunteer for the same from Jan. 2014, two months after his dear brother passed away.

At the time Cody said: “First and foremost, my family and I truly appreciate the support we have received during this difficult time. One of the things I always admired about my brother was his genuine desire to help others in need. I am honoured to join the ROWW team in fulfilling my brother’s legacy and make sure his spirit and mission lives on.”

Cody confirmed he watched the movie on Apr. 1, 2015 with the movie’s cast and director. He and his brother Caleb can be spotted in few shots of the movie. Recently, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Cody is looking forward to a career in acting.

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Photosource: Facebook/ Cody Walker


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