Cohen Brothers: Angelina Jolie’s WWII film Unbroken ‘not easy to shoot’

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Angelina Jolie has proven to us numerous times that she can and has overcome many challenges faced by her in her work. All while looking fabulous and super sizzling.

However, according to reports coming in, it seems that the Cohen brothers have stated that Angelina’s latest film, the WWII Biopic has proven to be a challenge and that the feat is not one that will be easy to accomplish.

According to one of the Cohen Brothers, it seems that most of the difficulty is created due to the environment that a WWII movie gives us. Most of the scenes have to shot in water or in the open sea. There’s also a life boat scene in the movie which is another challenge on top of shooting the scene at sea. Another challenge to add to the table is the combat. Apart from water combat scenes, there’s aerial combat, dog fights and more.

‘That movie is really a motherf***er … a difficult production thing,’ one of the brothers said.

The movie production therefore will naturally be a bit slow. Below are some of the photos of the production. You’ll notice that everyone is super focused on the task at hand, analyzing the Hows of their roles, you’ll see Angelina checking out screens as to how to perform in the water scenes including other crew members on set.

The fact that the movie is based on a book and true events adds to the tension. The cast and crew have to make it look as close to the real life events as possible. Let’s hope that their struggles pay off and that they deliver us with a great movie.


Angelina Jolie
Water scene of Unbroken
Unbroken production

Source: Daily Mail

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