Coldplay front man Chris Martin is ‘terrified by re-incarnation’ thoughts

By Ruma Saha | 2 years ago
Coldplay front man Chris Martin is ‘terrified  by re-incarnation’ thoughts
Photograph of Chris Martin lost in music.

Chris Martin, the front man of Coldplay, the rock band that hails from UK, is in news again not for his high profile ex-spouse but for his naïve revelation of terrified thoughts of getting swapped with anyone in history. According to a recently published interview report in Cosmopolitan, Chris Martin says that nobody could match with the experience he is enjoying now so he cannot get swapped with anybody in history.

The rock star, who is the lead vocalist of his band Coldplay, has a humble origin. Chris was born in England with a middleclass background. During his college days Chris met Jonny Buckland and it was with him that he first formed a band. He was the lead vocalist and Buckland was the lead guitarist. They were later joined by Guy Berryman as their bass player and Will Champion as their drummer. The birth of Coldplay the rock music band took place in the year 1996.

The 38-year-old rock star, according to report published in The Hamilton Spectator, had a separation with actress Gwyneth Paltrow  earlier this year  and their 10 years of marriage came to an end.  Chris Martin met American actress Gwyneth Paltrow at a Coldplay concert in the year 2003, while the band was touring their second album “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” After one year of courtship, both tied the knot in the year 2004 when Gwyneth got pregnant. Gwyneth and Chris have two children out of this marriage. In the year 2014, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced separation publicly and Gwyneth filed divorce earlier this year. Recently, Martin started dating Annabelle Wallis, a British Actress from August 2015.

The report published in The Hamilton Spectator says that Chris Martin reveals that he and Gwyneth had a break up long back and so he did not feel disturbed by this legal separation method. He also reveals that he is not exhausted with so much of public attention in his personal life .

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Chris Martin

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