Colin Hanks Leads ‘Life in Pieces’ TV Comedy on CBS

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Colin Hanks Leads ‘Life in Pieces’ TV Comedy on CBS
Colin Hanks at the premiere of Peter Jackson’s King Kong in Wellington, New Zealand. December 13, 2005. Wikimedia Commons/jonzerthemighty

After starring in the award-winning cable series “Fargo” in 2014, Colin Hanks is heading to CBS to do a single-camera TV comedy called “Life in Pieces.” Read on for more on this news story.

As announced on Deadline, the 37-year old Hanks will lead the family comedy “Life in Pieces,” which is being developed for CBS’ 2015-2016 season. The series is created by Justin Adler and produced under Kapital Entertainment, which is owned by Aaron Kaplan. The show centers on a family whose life stories will be told in separate angles by each of the members.

Hank is cast in the role of Greg, the youngest sibling among three kids. He is about to become a father and he’s quite unprepared for what’s ahead. Being the coddled one in the family, Greg becomes overwhelmed at the prospect of having a baby.

The actor, who earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination in both the Emmy and Golden Globes for his performance as Gus Grimly on “Fargo,” has been sought after during this development season, receiving multiple pilot offers. His other TV credits include co-starring roles and guest appearances on shows like “Dexter,” “Bad Teacher” and “Mom.” He also starred in his own series, “The Good Guys,” on FOX in 2010, but this was canceled after a brief run.

Other than Hanks, “Life in Pieces” has also found its eldest sibling in Betsy Brandt. The “Breaking Bad” actress will play Heather, a mother of three, whose children are all growing up. Brandt last starred in “The Michael J. Fox” show on NBC, which ran from 2013 to 2014.

The pilot order by CBS for “Life in Pieces” comes after Adler and Kaplan shelved their plans to do an adaptation of the cult movie “Say Anything” for NBC. The show is one of the two single-camera comedies already on CBS’ roster for this development season so far, but its final status will still be determined by May. Last year, the network didn’t proceed with picking up any single-camera shows despite ordering the pilots.

We’ll be tracking down this show’s development, so keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the updates.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/jonzerthemighty

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