Colin Powell Not Endorsing Anyone Yet

By admin | 6 years ago

On Tuesday, Colin Powell the former Secretary of State declined to endorse for a second time President Barack Obama. Four years ago, he gave the candidate Barack Obama an endorsement. However, on Tuesday he said he was not ready yet to endorse any candidate at this time.

Powell was a Cabinet member and Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Bush. Powell caused quite a stir during the last Presidential campaign in 2008 when he endorsed Obama over his fellow GOP candidate John McCain a war hero. Powell at the time, called Obama a transformational figure.

Powell on the Today show said it is not ready just yet. He said it was not as simple as whether he supported Romney or Obama, it is who they also have joining them.

He commended Obama’s work in stabilizing the financial system following the 2008-2009 deep recession, and how he helped fix the auto industry. Powell also thought the U.S. was on the right track toward ending its participation in the Afghanistan war.

However, he said the White House must work more on the sluggish economy and he thought Obama should listen to proposals from Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney, particularly where the economy is concerned.

Powell said his ear is still open to ideas by the Republicans, calling Mitt Romney a good man. Two years ago, in a graduation speech in South Carolina, he told university graduates that he had been heartened by an event that had taken place recently. He said it was when the President took out his genuine birth certificate and blew away all the birthers, including Donald Trump.

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