Colossus Has a Big Part to Play in the Deadpool Movie

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Colossus Has a Big Part to Play in the Deadpool Movie

Comic Book fans were dismayed to know that the X-Men protége’ Colossus only had one scene in the entire “Deadpool” trailer. Clue: he throws Deadpool into a car. But the Deadpool creator, Rob Liefeld, was quick to clear it up. Colossus is going to play a massively big part in the movie and he is going to be awesome. Read on for more details.

Comic book readers, at least those who can find time to flock to the theatres, would obviously know who Colossus and Deadpool are, so they can skip this paragraph.

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Colossus is the guy who is like 6 feet 7 inches tall and can transform into a hunk of metal. He made his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Wolverine asked him to take the students of the Xavier’s institute to a safe place in the second installment of “X-Men.” He has since made an appearance in almost all the X-men movies.

Deadpool is the funny guy who survives Cancer with his accelerated healing abilities. He is also the guy who frequently breaks the fourth wall in the comic books and talks to the readers like he is having fun with the story.

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It was made known via the rumor circuit that comic book fans were disappointed to know that Colossus didn’t get any lines in the trailer to the movie. So the original creator of Deadpool stepped up to the plate and told the fans that not only did Colossus have a throwing part in the movie, he also had a speaking part in the film. “He doesn’t just walk through the film,” he revealed.

This made us wonder what would happen when Deadpool gets together with Colossus. Deadpool has got a sense of humor and we give him the Ruski as a sidekick. How many jokes can Deadpool make out of that one Russian gag? The mind boggles…. Probably one hundred if he is allowed to break the fourth wall. reported the news first. Cinemablend was close on heels.

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