This Comic Book Giant Is Reimagining One Of Its Iconic Heroes

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
This Comic Book Giant Is Reimagining One Of Its Iconic Heroes
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Green Lantern has been an important part of the DC universe ever since the beginning of it all. The hero is getting a new movie in the DCEU and also getting a fresh start in the comic books.

The latest update has reported that the Emerald knight’s story is being reimagined with a modern day perspective in mind.

Reimagining Green Lantern

Screen Rant reported that due to the changing times, DC is looking to change its heroes. So far, only their cinematic universe has had plans to make changes to the character but now the comic books are doing so well.

One of the most popular Green Lantern aka Hal Jordan is getting a new origin story with a modern twist to it. The new comic book, which will release next year, is titled Green Lantern: Earth One.

Writing talents like Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko and Jordan Boyd are working to give the superhero a new twist.

Hal Jordan’s new backstory

Since this new origin story is being written keeping modern age in mind, it is being reported that new science, new attitude, and a new mission are the focus to restart the Green Lantern Corps.

One of the most significant changes that the comic book is doing is altering Jordan’s origin. He is no longer a test pilot but instead, he is now an Astronaut who is forced to mine asteroids in outer space.

It is also stated that while mining one of the asteroids he comes across the only surviving ring of the Green Lantern Corps and from there he comes to know of an alternate reality.

In an alternate reality, killer robots called Manhunters were successful in wiping all the Green Lanterns in the galaxy. Since he found the ring, it is now his responsibility to take charge of the ring and set out on a journey to restart the Corps.

This story has an Interstellar type touch because the protagonist will move across different realities and galaxies to become the hero he is meant to be.

Green Lantern Corps movie

With the comic book moving on with a completely new story, a movie is also being written to re-introduce the superhero. After Ryan Reynolds’ version failed to deliver at the box office, the studio has been knee deep in trying to get the movie right.

They have shortlisted six actors for the lead role of Hal Jordan and from them, Armie Hammer has emerged as the actor who might end up getting cast. Another report is also stating that WB/DC is trying to keep it all under wraps so that they can make a big announcement in near future.

Will the new comic impact DCEU?

If the comic book is launching a new story for Green Lantern, will it affect his solo movie in DCEU?

DCEU is reportedly based on DC’s New 52 comic series. Given that, chances are very slim that the makers will choose to change Jordan’s story in the DCEU.

Also, showing the entire Green Lantern Corps dead and one single Lantern trying to resurrect it would be something that can be shown in a future movie. This idea was used in a previous comic book. The Guardians found Kyle Rayner and made him the only surviving Green Lantern from Earth.

Plot and release date

Green Lantern: Earth One will re-launch Hal Jordan, the astronaut’s story in the comic books and will show him as a man of science who will further use his skills to resurrect the Corps.

Green Lantern Corps will be a buddy cop superhero movie that will feature two Lanterns who will police the universe. It is being called Lethal Weapon in space.

Green Lantern: Earth One will release next year on March 20 and Green Lantern Corps is scheduled to release in 2020.


Photo source: YouTube/DC Entertainment

YouTube/DC Entertainment

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