Comic-Con 2015: Biggest Winners and Losers of The Festival

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago
Comic-Con 2015: Biggest Winners and Losers of The Festival

Comic-Con, the fest of celebrated togetherness of comic’s creators, science fiction and fantasy authors, film and television directors, producers, and writers, and creators from all aspects have once again stole hearts of fans from all around the world. The more popular the festival of Comic-Con grows the more popular the showcased work but all of them didn’t create a buzz. We bring you here a list of biggest winners and losers of Comic-Con 2015.

Biggest Winners of Comic-Con 2015:

  1. “Deadpool”: Deadpool shooting right through three heads at once, who won’t be noticing? Irresistible footages by the “Deadpool” Panel left everyone at awe.
  2. Star Wars”: The thunderstorm concert by the “Star Wars” panel won heart of each and every fan present.
  3. Women Who Kick Ass: The Women Who Kick Ass panel was a hit during the Comic-Con 2015. Everyone praised each and every women super-power from “Hunger Games” to “SuperGirl.”
  4. Limitless”: No one was able to stop talking about the Bradley Cooper’s “Limitless” being adapted for a TV Show. The movie “Limitless” remained a hit and so will be the show.
  5. Jared Leto: Some may deny that it wasn’t a buzz of Comic-Con 2015, but believe it or not even the comparision with previous Jokers have lead Jared Leto of Suicide Squad panel, a long way in Comic-Con, 2015.

Biggest Losers of Comic-Con 2015:

  1. “Fantastic Four”: This is here because it just couldn’t put something new to attract fan base for “Fantastic Four.” “Deadpool” and “X-Men Apocalypse” really made “Fantastic Four” swipe right out of everyone’s mind.
  2. DC Cinematic Universe: The DC Cinematic Universe panel just wasted a big opportunity. There were talks of the footages but they left it real neat with nothing new being announced.
  3. “Yoga Hosers”: Half of the people wouldn’t even recognise this as they all ran for “Star Wars” concert. Kevin Smith’s Canadian Monster Movie “Yoga Hosers” had to go back empty-handed.
  4. “Minority Report”: The panel simply failed to be able to portray Steven Spielberg’s movie for a TV screen.
  5. “Containment”: “Containment” TV series contains virus which didn’t attract any fans. The entire pilot which was shown and got laughed at.

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