Comic-Con International: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Posey strips off at MTV Fandom Awards on Thursday

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 3 years ago
Comic-Con International: ‘Teen Wolf’ star Tyler Posey strips off at MTV Fandom Awards on Thursday
Tyler Posey strips off at MTV Fandom Awards

The young star Tyler Posey and beautiful model Bella Thorne mesmerized the audience by hosting this year’s MTV Fandom Awards during the first official night of Comic-Con International 2015 on Thursday at Petco Park in San Diego, California.

The “Teen Wolf” star Posey did a number of changes with his attires and astonished the viewers by presenting himself wearing a bow tie and just a pair of black pants with suspenders. He was accompanied with actress Carly Aquilino and TV personality Nessa.

The presenters were about to announce a Fandom of the Year nominee when Posey ripped off his pants to reveal “Orange Is The New Black” (OITNB) on the back of his underwear. He flabbergasted the guests from across the globe at a glance when he was stripped down brazenly with the help of beautiful stars Aquilino and Nessa. The 23-year old smart actor instantly had the viewers screaming and whistling at his tattooed torso, however, that was not his end.

Posey carried on with his show clad in just underwear attached with suspenders and a bow tie. His turning off was just exhibiting his rear to let the audience know his favorite TV show “Orange Is The New Black” as the back of his underwear had its abbreviation OITNB.

According to Los Angeles Daily News, “The Hunger Games” franchise finally won the prestigious Fandom of the Year award. The award was received by the actress Willow Shields on the casts’ behalf, who is best known for her role as Primrose Everdeen in the movie “The Hunter Games.”

“All of you guys are the best fans in the entire world. We would not be here without you,” the 15-year old Shields said by expressing her gratitude to the fans for their votes.

“It was really a fun. I can’t believe Tyler came out on a boat,” said 16-year-old Savannah Gary, who came from Tennessee traveling over 2,000 miles to attend Comic-Con International 2015.

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Photo Source: Tumblr/Fandom Awards

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