‘Community’ Season 5 Teaser arrives online – Watch now

By admin | 4 years ago

It’s really been a crazy year for NBC’s cult hit comedy series, Community. The creator and executive producer Dan Harmon – who was fired before the fourth season – made a come back, then Donald Glover, a full time student at Greendale Community College, was announced to appear in a handful of episodes of the upcoming season, and more to it there have also been some questionable storytelling choices throughout the fourth season.

All these factors resulted in delaying individual episodes well past their intended air date, ostracizing a number of the show’s longtime fans which contributed to the low ratings dwindling even more.

Despite these obstacles, Community still manages to be renewed for a fifth season with its original creator, Dan Harmon. The Community season 5 teaser highlights a few establishing shots of the Greendale campus with its six members including the recent graduate Jeff Winger. All of them, hanging out in their customary study spot, look excited to be back in session. And then there’s an odd-looking but yet familiar sight of Chang, followed by the expected horror reactions.

Check out this new teaser for a fifth season of Community, below:

After the season 4 that explored nearly ever high-concept premise for a Community episode, many of you will be wondering what’s left to do with the show that would make it interesting and relatively original, as well? If that’s the case, hang in there, coz many pop culture jokes have still to come on ‘Community’ Season 5!

Community - Season 5

With that said, we hope that all the ups and downs take for the better on Community, and then who knows we end up with six seasons and a movie!

Community Season 5 will premiere on NBC on January 2nd, 2014.

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