‘Complications’ Gets New Cast Members and Starts Production

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
‘Complications’ Gets New Cast Members and Starts Production
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A medical miniseries like no other is coming to USA Network. The new medical drama, “Complications,” is moving forward with production, with four new cast members. Read on to learn more about this scoop.

According to Variety, “Complications” follows the story of a city emergency room doctor named John Ellison (Jason O’ Mara), whose life turns upside down when he saves a young boy’s life during a drive-by shooting by inadvertently killing one of the boy’s attackers. However, even after he learns that the young boy is the son of a powerful gang leader, he still feels connected to him and still does everything in his power to save him. Because of this, his life, both personal and professional, will never be the same again.

Some of the regular cast members, who star alongside Jason O’ Mara, are Jessica Szohr (“Gossip Girl”), Beth Riesgraf (“Leverage”), and Lauren Stamile (“Off Center”). Jessica Szohr portrays Gretchen Polk, one of the nurses in the ER, who works alongsided John Ellison. Beth Riesgraf portrays John Ellison’s wife, Samantha Ellison. Meanwhile, Lauren Stamile portrays Dr. Bridget O’ Neil, who gets involved as she becomes affected by John Ellison’s actions regarding the incident.

Variety has reported that four new cast members have joined its roster, namely Chris Chalk, Tim Peper, Eric Edelstein and Ronreaco Lee.

Chris Chalk is set to portray Darius, a man who acts as the bridge between Dr. John Ellison and the gang that requires his services. Chalk has appeared in various television and film projects, such as “12 Years a Slave” (2012), “The Newsroom” (2012 to 2013), “Unforgettable” (2014) and “Sons of Anarchy” (2014).

Tim Peper will be portraying Kyle Hawkins, a lawyer who works for the District Attorney, who just happens to be a friend to John Ellison’s wife, Samantha. Peper is an actor and a producer, whose acting credits include “The Greatest Game Ever Played” (2005), “Guiding Light” (2007), “Carpoolers” (2007 to 2008) and “Selfie” (2014).

Eric Edelstein is all set to portray Jed, Gretchen’s good friend, who is always around whenever she needs his help. Edelstein has appeared in several television shows, including “Parks and Recreation” (2009), “Shameless” (2013) and “Monsters vs. Aliens” (2013 to 2014).

And last but not least, the fourth new cast member to join m”Complications” is Ronreaco Lee, who is best known for his work in various movies and television shows such as “Glory” (1989), “Sister, Sister” (1997 to 1999), “The Shield” (2003 to 2005), “Guess Who” (2005) and “Let’s Stay Together” (2011 to 2014). He will be portraying Quentin Bell, a doctor, and a colleague to Ellison.

The series has just started production and filming in Atlanta, Georgia. It will be directed by Matt Nix.

And that’s the latest casting update on USA Network’s 10-episode series, “Complications.” For more news and updates on “Complications” and other television shows, keep following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch USA Network’s “Complications” in 2015.

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