Complications Recap: Onset

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Complications Recap: Onset
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Complications” Season 1 Episode 3 “Onset” aired on Thursday, June 25, 2015, at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, Dr. John Ellison (Jason O’ Mara) paid a visit to Ezera “Easy” Tyler (Anthony K. Hyatt) in prison, while trying to solve a situation involving Nurse Gretchen Polk (Jessica Szohr) and the abusive ex-boyfriend of the woman thaty Gretchen and Ellison took care of, which quickly went out of hand. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a flashback to fifteen minutes before Nurse Gretchen Polk (Jessica Szohr) called up Dr. John Ellison (Jason O Mara), who was just about to eat breakfast with his family. It turned out that Gretchen had brought Jed (Eric Edelstein) in order to intimidate Seth (Justin Miles). He is the abusive ex-boyfriend of Hillary Farmer (Lindsey Garrett), whom she had taken care of at the hospital. In the process of packing Hillary’s things, things quickly went out of hand. Seth’s words provoke Gretchen to swing the waffle iron at his face, which led to him crashing into a glass coffee table. Ellison then managed to save his life, and decided not to call 911, but had to leave immediately. He had to meet up with Darius (Chris Chalk) so that he could stop helping out little Antoine Tyler (Jaiden Byrd). However, much to his surprise, Darius informed him that he was going to have a little chat with Ezera “Easy” Tyler (Anthony K. Hyatt) himself.

While he was away, Gretchen instructed Jed to go back to work, even though he was high at the moment, and panicky. Dr. Bridget O’ Neil (Lauren Stamile) had started to dig around in the records room for the records of Henry Maxson after his sister, who had become confused after receiving a notice of death then a billing statement for a transfer to Ansley Surgical Center, and who had let it all out on Bridget. This would look bad on them, as they both had stolen those records. As their friend at Medicare, Wes (Matt Angel) wasn’t there yet, Gretchen locked up Seth in the closet, and tied him up, stormed over to Wes’ house, broke through his door, and even though he hadn’t billed everything yet.  Gretchen had no more time to waste, dumped the laptop into his aquarium.

Meanwhile, Ellison met up with Easy, who told him that he would be looking out for his son until he said so. On the way back, Darius informed him that they would deal with anyone who would get in the way of Ellison watching over little Antoine.

Back at the Ellison house, Samantha “Sam” Ellison (Beth Riesgraf) thanked Kyle Hawkins (Tim Peper) for making sure that a police car was watching over their house. He called over John’s father, Gary Ellison (Kevin Tighe) to help with the repairs for the door, which little Oliver “Ollie” Ellison (Albert Bates) helped out with. While repairing the glass on the door, he revealed to his grandfather that he had heard his father talking to the men who had broken into their home the night before.

Ellison then discovered that Seth was losing circulation in his hand because Gretchen had tied him up and tried to help him. Afterwards, he left him untied while he chastised Gretchen and told them that they were through with each other. However, Seth managed to escape in a car, but because he was driving with a concussion, he crashed the car off the side of the road. Ellison then showed him the picture of the dead man who had crossed Darius’ crew the wrong way. He told Seth to tell the police that he had sustained all his injuries due to the car crash or else he would end up like the man in the picture, which he did.

Back at home, Ellison thanked his father, and his father reminded him that he was there for him if he was in any kind of trouble, but Ellison refused to talk to his father, who did have a troubled past with substance abuse.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Quentin Harper (RonReaco Lee) welcomed Ellison to the day shift. He then told Bridget that he would follow up on the Henry Maxson mix up. He then approached Gretchen for some help, but she told him to get someone else to help him out as they were through with each other.

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