Complications Recap: Pilot

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
Complications Recap: Pilot
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Complications” Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” aired on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on USA Network. In this episode, Dr. John Ellison (Jason O’ Mara) got involved in a gang war after he saved the son of an incarcerated gang leader by providing him with medical treatment and by shooting several men who were out to kill the boy. After a crazy shift, Ellison ended up asking the help of Nurse Gretchen Polk (Jessica Szohr), in order to get the boy safely out of the hospital, while he confronted several rival gang members out to kill him, which landed him a session with a therapist who had to evaluate him. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began in the middle of the night. Dr. John Ellison (Jason O’ Mara), after realizing that there were intruders in the house, instructed his wife to lock herself inside their son’s bedroom, and reached for a gun hidden inside his medical bag.

The scene then shifted to ten hours earlier, where he had to tell Dr. Lasseter (Constance Zimmer), a therapist, who would decide whether he would be keeping his job at Samaritan Hospital or not, what exactly happened to make him use an IV stand to beat up several scary looking men in the Emergency Room’s waiting room. After telling her that he had been working in the Emergency Room for ten years and that he had lost his eight-year-old daughter a year ago, he began to tell her what happened last Sunday morning.

After an exhausting shift, and after checking up on his diabetic patient, Henry Maxson (Eric Mendenhall), Ellison finally went home in order to eat breakfast with his family, a ten year old boy named Oliver (Albert Bates) and his wife, Samantha (Beth Riesgraf), a real estate lawyer. However, before he could get any shut-eye, he rescued an injured squirrel and left for the veterinarian clinic, only to have the squirrel die in the car, which upset him.

He was then brought back to his senses after a shootout occurred in the playground he had parked at and helped out a young boy who was bleeding out. After seeing shooters coming back, the man with the boy ran and left his gun, which Ellison got and used to shoot at the shooters. He managed to shoot the driver in the chest, but the shooter was in the wind, as he had managed to escape.

At the station, he was shown mugshots of members of the gang that did the shooting, the Nortenos Locos, who were at odds with the Vine City Crew, whom they were shooting at.

Later that night, Ellison discovered that since he could now breathe freely, and discovered from Dr. Quentin Harper (RonReaco Lee) that the boy, Antoine Tyler (Jaiden Byrd) was doing well. Later that day, Ellison’s father dropped by the house and gave him a gun just in case anything else happened.

The next morning, Ellison was summoned by Nurse Gretchen Polk (Jessica Szohr) to a patient with a fractured clavicle. He had obviously been beaten time and time again by her boyfriend, Seth (Justin Miles).

Afterwards, Dr. Dan Brennan (Demetrius Grosse) consulted with him on a patient who looked like the shooter in the shoot-out. It was confirmed by the gun hidden in his jacket after Ellison and him struggled, which caused Ellison to get stabbed in the arm.

He then called for a lockdown after several gang members from the Locos gang came. Ellison and Dr. Bridget O’ Neill (Lauren Stamile) tried to save Henry, who had overdosed, but to no avail.

Ellison then received a phone call from EZ Tyler (Anthony K. Hyatt), Antoine’s gang leader and incarcerated father. He told Ellison to look after him, and told him that the Locos will stop at nothing to kill Antoine. Because of this, Ellison got Gretchen to transfer Antoine safely out and to take Henry’s place at Ansley Surgical Center, where he was supposed to go, in exchange for him changing the records to make it seem like Hilary had meningitis to get her away from the boyfriend.

While Gretchen did this, Ellison distracted everyone by using an IV stand to attack the Locos.

Back in the present day, Ellison asked the therapist not to report what had happened, and to not report anything about Antoine in order to save his life and the lives of others.

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