It’s Confession Time for Rosie O’ Donnell as She Speaks About Chelsea, Her Estranged Daughter

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
It’s Confession Time for Rosie O’ Donnell as She Speaks About Chelsea, Her Estranged Daughter
Rosie O Donnel

Rosie O’ Donnell shared her inner most feelings about the recent incident regarding Chelsea, her estranged daughter in New York City. Here is the complete story.

Rosie O’ Donnell gets candid on October 17, as she discusses her estranged daughter at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City.

The co-host of “Former View” said admitted that Chelsea, her daughter had been in the news, but it is something not new to her and the family. As a mother, she loves all her children.  The issue is as old as a decade long. As her mother, Rosie would only wish for peace and love.


Rosie, who is a renowned comedian and former wife of Kelli Carpenter, had adopted Chelsea in the year 1997. In a recently given interview, Chelsea had not very pleasant things to speak about her adopted mother. The comedian had also said that it was Chelsea’s age that made her behaving in such a manner.

Rosie said that Chelsea is 18 now and this is a magic number for many adopted kids.  This is an age when children love to rebel and they do it partially to get their parents’ attention.  She told that she keeps seeing Chelsea all around her. Perhaps one sees them everywhere if they are not around.

A source told US Weekly last week that O’ Donnell is doing through a phase of intense depression. Rosie spoke about it during her set.

Yet, Rosie was quick to defend her estranged daughter saying that the latter is suffering from “chemical imbalance.”


At present Chelsea is living with a 26-year-old man, Steve Sheerer whom she met on Tinder. This is the same man with whom she was spotted on August 18 after she left her adopted mother’s home.

Chelsea had just turned 18 and gone to spend some time with Deanna Micoley, her birth mother.

O’ Donnell is not having an easy month. She was recently sued by an ex-producer of the show “Former View” accusing her that the comedian was responsible for her firing.

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