Here Are The Confirmed Actors Who Will Star In American Horror Story Season 7

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Here Are The Confirmed Actors Who Will Star In American Horror Story Season 7
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Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story Season 7 has already started filming this month but, so far, FX is yet to release the entire cast list. However, over the past few months, the actors who will star in the politically-charged new season are one by one being confirmed.

American Horror Story Season 7 Confirmed Cast

Just like the previous seasons, the upcoming season will have an ensemble cast that will feature actors who have already appeared in previous stories. First to be confirmed were Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, both have been involved in the horror anthology since the first season.

Their roles in the upcoming season are yet to be announced. Murphy teased Peters’ new hair color on his Instagram.

AHS Season 7: Red, white and blue clue

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Paulson and Peters played wife and husband in last season’s Roanoke. Their co-star Adina Porter is also returning in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Just Jared spotted Cheyenne Jackson on the set of American Horror Story Season 7. Nothing is known about his role so far, but he will share some scenes with Paulson. Jackson has been involved in the series since Season 5.

Billie Lourd, daughter of Carrie Fisher, also signed up in the popular horror anthology. The 24-year-old actor previously starred in Fox’s Scream Queens (also from Murphy), but the teen horror-comedy was cancelled after two seasons. Like Peters, Lourd is sporting a new hair color specifically for her mysterious role in the still-untitled seventh season.

Winter is coming. Can't wait for everybody to see what the incredible Billie Lourd does this season on AHS.

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Earlier this year, Murphy also announced that his friend Leslie Grossman will join the horror anthology for the first time. Grossman starred in Murphy’s 2003 series Nip/Tuck.

“One of the funniest and most talented ladies I know,” the screenwriter said on the caption. “Congrats Ms. Leslie G!”

Comedian Billy Eichner of Parks and Recreation and Billy on the Street will also appear in a still unannounced new role.

The most recent addition to the cast of Season 7 is Colton Haynes. The 28-year-old previously appeared in Arrow and Teen Wolf before joining American Horror Story. He also previously worked with Murphy when he guest starred in a couple of episodes of Scream Queens.

Welcome to American Horror Story, Colton Haynes

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Since the series has just started filming, fans can expect more actors to be added to the cast in the next few weeks.

American Horror Story Season 7 Theme

In true American Horror Story fashion, details about Season 7 are being kept under tight wraps. However, Murphy did announce that the new season will be all about the true American horror story: the current political climate.

In a previous interview, the screenwriter revealed that the next season was inspired by the horror that was the presidential elections. He also confirmed that both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump will appear not as characters. They will briefly appear in the premiere episode via real-life footage from the campaign period.

“The first 10 minutes of the season, this season, takes place in a very eerie macabre way on election night and there’s something terrible that happens in the lives of our characters on election night as they’re watching it all go down,” he explained to E! Online. “Which in itself was a horror story, so it’s like a horror story upon a horror story.” To tease, Murphy dropped a concept art of the GOP elephant on Instagram.

American Horror Story Season 7 tease.

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Murphy nor FX have announced the title of the upcoming season. A release date is also yet to be set. However, considering that all previous seasons premiered around fall, it is safe to say that fans will see Season 7 of American Horror Story around September or October this year.

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