These Are The Confirmed Characters Joining Justice League

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
These Are The Confirmed Characters Joining Justice League
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Justice League is going to be a mega project for DCEU. The movie is undergoing some reshoots in the UK right now. There is one thing that is absolutely confirmed about the movie — the characters appearing in it.

Batman/Bruce Wayne

Ben Affleck was introduced in the DCEU as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It brought about a very dark version of the hero but that is going to change.

Justice League will see him as the co-founder of the team. His belief in humanity will also be restored because of Superman’s sacrifice. The makers of the film have hinted that Affleck’s character will be more light-hearted this time.

Alfred Pennyworth

Batman’s butler/friend Alfred Pennyworth will also be seen in the movie. He had a significant role in the previous movie. However, reports are stating that he will have a small role in Justice League. Jeremy Irons who portrays the role himself spoke about having a small role in the movie.

He will perhaps attend to other heroes of the League when they accompany Batman to the Batcave. He is also said to have an important role in The Batman. Also, hopefully, this time around, he will not have to tell Batman about not fighting his teammates.

Commissioner Gordon

Commissioner James Gordon is another major character from the Batman-verse. Much like Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon will also have a small role in Justice League. He was seen in the trailer talking to Batman, which means he will be encountering his old friend again.

Many believe the ensemble movie is being used as a platform to introduce him to the DC universe. Some reports have also hinted that he will be Batman’s partner in crime. Gordon’s appearance could also connect to other heroes’ appearance from the Batman-verse in DCEU.

Since Nightwing and Batgirl are getting their own movies, having Gordon could prove to be useful.


Superman is perhaps the most awaited character in the movie. He died in the previous movie but some dirt on his grave was seen levitating. His re-appearance has not been revealed yet but director Zack Snyder has confirmed his participation.

He will be really important to the League when they engage in a battle with Steppenwolf. Since Superman is the only one who can take down the God-like being, having him would be paramount. His reaction upon seeing Batman is also highly anticipated by fans.

Tension might ensue between them because last time Batman almost ended up killing him. Fans believe his re-appearance will be the most important moment in the movie.

Lois Lane

Lois has been Superman’s love interest right from the beginning. She was seen in the trailer and will perhaps be one of the first people who Superman meets after the resurrection.

Her role was teased to be important in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It now remains to be seen how she will factor in the ensemble.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, much like Batman, is the co-founder and co-leader of the team. Her presence is important to the movie in an overall sense. She will be doing her job of protecting the world from invaders. She will also play an important role in leading the heroes in the final battle against the main villain.

Queen Hippolyta

Wonder Woman’s mother has also been confirmed for the movie. She will be playing a small role as well like Pennyworth, Gordon and Lane. Reports suggest she will be seen in a flashback sequence. Since one motherbox is present in Themyscira, her appearance will somehow connect to that.


Wonder Woman’s aunt and one of the most fierce Amazonian will also return. She died in Wonder Woman but reports suggest she will be part of a flashback scene as well. Maybe she will join her sister Hippolyta in protecting the motherbox from Darkseid’s parademons.


Aquaman is one of the main heroes who will be introduced in the DCEU. Going by the trailer, he will initially refuse to be a part of the team. But when Steppenwolf will attack Atlantis looking for the motherbox, he will put his difference aside and join others.

Until now Aquaman has been the butt of all jokes. But with Jason Momoa playing the role, the jokes will perhaps cease to exist.


Mera is Aquaman’s wife and fellow Atlantean. She will be seen in a small role in the ensemble but will have a major role in Aquaman. She was seen in the trailer near the motherbox, which means she might be protecting it.

Fans reacted positively when Amber Heard’s Mera’s first look was revealed on social media.


Flash will also be introduced in a full-fledged manner in this movie. He will be the comic relief and will tap into the speed force to fight parademons. Following this movie, he will appear in his solo movie. As compared to the Flash in the DCTV universe, Ezra Miller’s portrayal will be slightly different in DCEU.

Henry Allen

Henry Allen is Flash’s father. He has been imprisoned for allegedly murdering his wife and Flash’s mother. He has appeared in the trailer and will have a significant role in the solo movie. One of Flash’s things to do in the DCEU would be to prove his father’s innocence.


Cyborg is the final member of the League. After a fusion with the motherbox, Victor Stone will turn into the superhero. His equation with his father will also be hinted slightly.

As his armor is made out of a motherbox, he will be an integral part of the movie. Maybe he will be the key to defeating Steppenwolf and the parademons.

Dr. Silas Stone

Cyborg’s father will play an important role in turning his son into a superhero. In an attempt to save his son, he will fuse him with a motherbox only to create Cyborg.

He has been seen in the trailer and could be one of the scientists who would experiment on the motherbox to understand it.


Steppenwolf will be the main villain that the League will be going up against. He is the uncle of Darkseid and the General of the Apokolips’ army. He has been described as an old warrior who is trying to free himself from the enslavement of Darkseid.

Game of Thrones star Ciaran Hinds is playing the supervillain. His first look in the movie is yet to be revealed.


WhatCulture reported that Darkseid should also be expected in the movie. His omega symbol was teased in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which means he could have a cameo.

Rumors suggest that he will only make an appearance without saying a word much like how Thanos’ introduction was in MCU. Other reports suggest he will be the main villain in Justice League 2.


Justice League will see DC heroes assembling for the first time. With Steppenwolf invading, Batman and Wonder Woman will look to recruit other heroes in order to save the world. Following the success of Wonder Woman, it remains to be seen if the ensemble turns out successful as well or not.

Release date

Justice League will release this year on Nov. 17.


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