Congressman Paul Wins Majority in Maine

By admin | 7 years ago

Texas Congressman Ron Paul was able to take away the most delegates from the Maine Republican Convention. The results of the convention gave Paul a late victory in the primary race. Paul supporters were chosen in 21 of the 24 delegate spots for Maine to the National Convention for the GOP in Tampa, Florida. The 24th delegate seat will be given to Charles Webster, the party Chairman in Maine, who remained uncommitted during the whole process.

Making the takeover by Paul complete was the election of his supporters to committee seats in the state. Paul is the last challenger left against Romney and in February finished second behind the ex-Governor of Massachusetts in the state caucuses. However, the results of caucuses were not binding and not everyone was able to cast a vote due to a snowstorm that hampered traveling and cancelled some of the caucuses.

Aides to Romney say that Paul is not a threat to win the nomination, but they have to be mindful not say or doing anything that will be upsetting to the loyal followers of Paul. Romney knows in the long run that the Paul supporters are very important and happen to be the most passionate and loyal supporters of any candidates.

This turn of events over the weekend may lead people to wonder if the GOP has united behind its presumptive nominee, or if there is infighting that may take place up to August’s national convention.

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