‘The Conjuring 2’ vs ‘The Enfield Haunting’: Which Is Closest To The Real Event?

By Nicole Tingson | 2 years ago
‘The Conjuring 2’ vs ‘The Enfield Haunting’: Which Is Closest To The Real Event?
The Conjuring 2

“The Conjuring 2” proved to be one of the most successful horror films of this generation. It followed well with its predecessor, “The Conjuring.” The story is based on the Enfield case of famous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. But apart from the James Wan movie, a mini series that came out in 2015 also tackled the Enfield 1977 case. So, which one is closer to the real case?

Starting of with the most recent. “The Conjuring 2” scared everyone, including the Warrens and the Hodgson family because of the main antagonist, the demon nun Valak. It appears as a nun as well as the Crooked Man from the children’s toy. It haunts the family most especially the young Janet. But in real life, how real is Valak?

Valak is apparently a real demon. Nonetheless, it wasn’t really a part of the Enfield case. Valak was made up to connect the story of Amytiville case to the Enfield case for the whole story. The Warrens, by record, hasn’t encountered any demons in the form of a nun. The Amytiville case and the Enfield one is not connected in any way as well.

The same goes with the Crooked Man. It was reported by Movie Pilot that it was inspired by the crooked man nursery rhyme.

But “The Conjuring 2” did make some accurate points when it comes to the real thing such as the young Janet claiming she was possessed by Bill Wilkins and that the ghost did actually die of brain hemorrhage on a chair in that house. Janet levitating and teleporting was indeed recorded in real life. Also, Maurice Grosse did play a massive role on the investigation. But what the movie hadn’t really hit well is the role of the Warrens as they weren’t much involved in the case.

On the 2015 mini-series, “The Enfield Haunting,” Timothy Spall portrayed the role of as Maurice Grosse. Along with him was another investigator who also had a role on the whole case. The real investigator, Guy Playfair, shared that the Warrens did help but not as much. The mini-series focused more on the poltergeist activity rather than the demonic figures that were fueling the nightmare of everyone who saw “The Conjuring 2.”

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