‘The Conjuring 2’ Spinoff: 5 Lesser-Known Facts About Valak, the Demon Nun

By Nimfa Idea | 2 years ago
‘The Conjuring 2’ Spinoff: 5 Lesser-Known Facts About Valak, the Demon Nun
The Conjuring 2

It’s time to move on from Annabelle doll. “The Conjuring 2” will have a spin-off and this time, it’s about Valak, that creepy nun who promised to hunt us in our dreams forever. The spin-off is already in the works at New Line but before the nun takes center stage, here are things she (or he) wants everybody to know:

1. Valak is really a small boy with angel wings

In demonology, he was regarded as the Great President of Hell. He is a boy who rides in a two-headed dragon and a commander of 30 legions of demons. Live Sci-fi believes the demon in “The Conjuring 2” has a closer resemblance to Beelzebub, the demon of lies. Director James Wan admitted the design of the demon character was one thing he was not quite sure of.

2. He is a subject of many historical texts

He is one of the 72 demons in the “Lesser Key of Solomon,” a spell book on demonology. It was compiled as early as 17th century.

3. Valak wanted to kill Ed Warren

It is because he is opposing his intentions to kill Janet. So what’s with Janet that the demon wants her? There are claims that the real Janet is a gifted ventriloquism or the power to manipulate voices and she admitted faking some events. In an interview with The Telegraph, Janet Hodgson Winter revealed that around two percent of the haunting was phony.

4. He was in Ed and Lorraine’s house but he’s got nothing to do there

In fact, that entity is everywhere. He’s at home at Amityville, and in Enfield. He was in the painting, because Ed said he saw him in a dream. Lorraine said it was the same demonic nun in her vision. But aside from the painting, he was behind them in the kitchen. His name was also shown in the name of the bracelets that their daughter Judy is making. But Wan explained to io9 that the nun has got nothing to with Amityville. “She’s just having a psychic premonition,” he said about Lorraine seeing the nun at their home.  

5. He can give true answers about hidden treasures. Mark Rogers wrote in his “The Esoteric Codex: Demonology I” that Valak reveals where serpents can be seen and delivers them harmless to the magician.


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